Ways to Pay Colorado Springs Utilities Bill

How to Make a Payment
  1. CSU Payment Plan. Pay your bill in elective monthly installments with the CSU payment plan! …
  2. Electronic Check (recommended form of payment) Student Login (RAMweb) …
  3. Credit Card Payment. Student Login (RAMweb) …
  4. In Person. …
  5. By Mail. …
  6. College savings and 529 Plans. …
  7. Payment Inquiries.

How to Discharge debt or Pay Bills Using Postal Money Orders

Available Payment Options:

  • Also known as Pay by Electronic Check (E-Check)

  • How to Make an Electronic Check Payment (csuci.edu)

  • Go to myCI

  • Under the My Account pagelet select CI Records

  • Select Main Menu

  • Select Self Service

  • Select Student Center

  • Select Make a payment

  • Click on the Login to CASHNet button

  • Read All Notifications, close to continue

  • Select Make a Payment

  • Enter Amount

  • Select Checkout

  • Select Pay By Bank Account

  • ***NELNET UPDATE — Effective Fall 2022***

  • NELNET now allows you to add an authorized user when you enroll in a payment plan. An authorized user is anyone, (parent, guardian, relative, etc.) other than you, financially responsible for your tuition and fees.
  • The maximum amount you may budget per semester for your scheduled monthly payments has changed from $5500 to $4500. Any amount owed over $4,500 will be included in your initial down payment.
  • CSU Pueblo has a paperless billing system. Paper bills are not mailed; students are expected to view their bills online via the student portal PAWS or through Self-Service Banner. Failure to pay balance in full may result in restrictions to register for future terms and access to transcripts. Students who register after the payment due date will be subject to the 1.5% monthly finance charge. (See Finance Charge Assessment Schedule).


    What is Kubra EZ Pay?

    The KUBRA EZ-PAY service enables you to make payments for services or bills electronically.

    Does CSU have a payment plan?

    CSU offers a current term payment plan! Students and trusted individuals can elect to make monthly payments by signing up for a Nelnet payment plan. Payments can be made via credit card or withdrawals from a designated domestic checking or savings account on a monthly basis.

    How do I pay my UC fees?

    UC will accept credit card payments over the phone. Call Financial Services on +64 3 369 3331 and select Option 3.

    How do I pay for OSU?

    OSU currently accepts eCheck, paper checks, money orders and cash as acceptable payment methods. Students can use Online Services as a convenience option for making credit card payments. Payment plans are also available for current students.

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