How To Pay Nicor Bill

Nicor Gas provides natural gas services to 2.2 million people throughout the northern half of Illinois, excluding Chicago. They also offer their customers a variety of ways to pay their bills including online payments.

Nicor Gas – moBill: Pay your bill from your smartphone

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General information about Nicor Gas

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How Can I Pay My Nicor Bill?

Nicor offers a variety of ways for you to pay Nicor bills online. Customers have the option to choose between traditional and online payment options.

Online Payment Options

  • Pay by credit/debit card: Customers can pay by credit or debit card by adding their preferred card to their saved accounts. Speedpay will process all the payments.
  • Pay directly through a checking/savings account: Customers can enroll using a checking or saving account on their account page.
  • Pay through autopay: Customers can make a payment using their AutoPay system. Autopay allows you to withdraw your bill payment automatically every month.
  • FAQ

    Does Nicor charge for credit card payments?

    * Effective September 15, 2021, all debit and credit card payment fees are to be eliminated across all payment channels. As our system updates, fees will still appear, but we will auto- matically credit your bill within 6 weeks. No action is required.

    Can I have two Nicor accounts?

    Q: What if I have multiple natural gas accounts? If you have more than one account, you’ll be able to manage them all because they are all associated with your account profile.

    What is Nicor bill?

    Mobile Wallet Billing (MoBill) Details

    When you enroll an account in moBill, you’ll be able to receive and pay your monthly bill through your smartphone’s native mobile wallet – Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Pay (Android).

    Is Nicor and Peoples Gas the same?

    No. Despite having a similar name and logo, the two companies are not the same. Nicor Advanced Energy is an unregulated sister company of the utility, Nicor Gas. Normally, you pay your utility—Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas or North Shore Gas—for the natural gas you use as well as the cost of delivering it to your home.

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